March 23rd, 2002

me n carm

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Time for some spring cleaning in the Soprano house, if you know what I'm sayin. Paulie and Christopher came over today to help, but I sent those two lazy fucks home cause they were drivin me crazy.

Carmella has been running around the house with her little housewife friends, the ladies of Jersey that got nothin better to do than redecorate eachothers houses over and over. Carm wants to have the upstairs bedrooms painted, and I told her she should hire that guy that did the foyer before, but she said he had moved out of state.

We decided to make Meadow stay home for spring break, which is just driving us all apeshit. She keeps moping and whinin about how all her friends are havin fun and I'm thinking to myself, you know, what the fuck? We punish her, but we're the ones that gotta listen to her? AJ is finally doin well, but who knows how the fuck long that will last.

Still in the market for a new goomah, too. Any ladies out there got the goods for the job?
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