April 3rd, 2008

fuckin rico

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So the kids found some old pictures of me the other day and showed me how to I dont no, put them on the computer. So here ya go, a fucking memory lane.

Me when i was a little boy. I remember tghe guy who took that owed my father some favors so he took a shit load of pictures of me. My ma sent them all around to the family.

We had that one taken a few years ago from a friend of Furios. Carmella always wanted a nice portrait, ya know how those bitches can be. I GOTTA FIGUR OUT WHAT TO PUT OVER THE MANTEL!!!!

Me and my kids. I carry this 1 in my wallet. I wish that lil shit woulda cut his hair befor the photo, though looks like a fuckin faggot.

I met that hot ass at the bada bing. I STILL owe that fucking goomba silvio for hooking me up with that broad.