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Ba Da Bing

Big Tonys Life

Big T.
Yo, my name is Tony. People call me "T". I've got a wife, two kids, and house bigger than yours. I work in waste management and don't give me any shit about it. I'm basically a good guy, you know, I've got some flaws just like everybody else does. My shrinks tryin to help me work through them and help me out. I'm new to this journal shit.
$$$, al pacino, anal, armani suits, atlantic city, avoiding jail, bada bing, banging my shrink, bein italian, being tough, ben wa balls, breasts, bruce springsteen, bug sweeps, carmella, cash, construction work, crime, crime families, dirty movies, doing my laundry, drama, dvd, dvds, eating canollis, francis ford coppola, frank sinatra, fucking, fucking bmw salewomen, gambling, getting my dick sucked, getting my props, getting the job done, giants, going fishing, good clean business, goodfellas, handjobs, home box office, italian food, italy, jersey, jersey shore, joe pantoliano, kicking ass, la cosa nostra, laundering money, lithium, living in jersey, makin money, marlon brando, martin scorsese, meatballs, mets, mob, money, money laundering, mooks, movies, movies with julia roberts, my 'extended' family, my boat, my daughter, my gun, my life, my mistress, my psychiatrist, my son, my wife, myself, new jersey, new york, new york city, nj, nj devils, not taking shit, organized crime, paul sorvino, pinky rings, poker, prozac, rangers, rico, robert deniro, russian whores, sewage disposal, sex, sicily, silvio, stashing money, stolen cigarettes, talking fish, television, the code of omerta, the godfather, the godfather 2, the godfather 3, the jersey strip, the mafia, the meadowlands, the pope, the sopranos, the van zandt family, titjobs, tits, tony orlando and dawn, trying to lose weight, tv, uncle junior, up the ass, vacationing in italy, vacationing in sicily, vito corleone, waste management, waxing my head, women, yankees